The catering industry, well served

For over 50 years, the Tello Food Group has been contributing to people’s good nutrition, health and well-being. How do we do it? By offering high-quality products that balance tradition, nutrition and innovation for every stage of life. This also creates value for all the employees, clients and suppliers that work with us.

We are demanding and exacting. Because of this, we monitor our preparation processes comprehensively, from the choice of animals in our farms through to their processing at our facilities, using cutting-edge technology for our production systems and quality assurance.

And every one of our creations is subject to stringent controls, ensuring maximum health standards and allowing us to use the GTP seal (Total Process Guarantee) on our products, because your customers deserve only the best.


The services we offer go far beyond just supply. We want to forge a strong bond between establishment and brand, helping us to generate trends, concepts and experiences aimed at the end consumer, and encouraging customer loyalty by making them feel that each establishment is special, with a product tailor-made for them.


At the same time, our team painstakingly analyses and researches all stages of production to ensure cost optimisation, with a higher margin that offers you greater profitability as you continue to grow alongside us.


We have a clear and firm commitment to our clients. Our endeavours in this area include dynamising consumption and increasing traffic, as well as improving customer experience from the standpoints of all the different actors in the value chain: suppliers, operators, intermediary companies and digital platforms.

Do you want to keep up with the latest trends?